Disability and Guardianship Project

Disability and Guardianship Project


Adult guardianships and alternatives for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities


To improve guardianship procedures for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to promote viable alternatives

Action Areas

Research, education, public policy, advocacy networking, equal access to justice, and public awareness, with special focus on California

Supported Decision Making

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Calls to reform adult guardianship systems have been occurring in many states throughout the nation.  Patterns of systemic dysfunction and rights violations have been identified in some states, with reform proposals emerging in some states and a formal review of guardianship systems underway in other states.

While these efforts are laudable, they have not dealt with some of the core problems involved with inadequate capacity assessments, meaningful alternatives to guardianship, and the lack of effective advocacy by court-appointed attorneys for proposed wards and conservatees.

The Disability and Guardianship Project is focusing its attention on deficiencies in the limited conservatorship system in California, an adult guardianship system solely for people with developmental disabilities.  We have been analyzing major defects in the system and are making proposals for reform in critical areas. 

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