Spectrum Institute


The Route to Conservatorship Reform

For the past eight years, Spectrum Institute has been showing judges, lawmakers, administrators, disability rights advocates, and conservatorship reform activists the way forward. The sign markers we have placed along the route have included conference materials, administrative complaints, public meeting presentations, policy reports, guidebooks, legal commentaries, amicus curiae briefs, letters, and webinars. We have identified the flaws and fixes. We have matched the solutions with the officials who have the jurisdiction to adopt and implement them. We have literally handed conservatorship reform advocates a template for change titled “A Path Forward.” Yet, although we have led people to the refreshing water […]

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Chief Justice Lags Behind Peers on Conservatorship Reform

By Thomas F. Coleman Daily Journal / Dec.15, 2021 “Lagging” is defined as “falling behind in movement, progress, or development; not keeping pace with another or others.”  That perfectly describes California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye when it comes to conservatorships reform. Despite having knowledge of major deficiencies with every part of the probate conservatorship system, the chief justice has remained silent on the plight of seniors and adults with disabilities who are targeted by these so-called protective proceedings.  In contrast, she has been quite outspoken and proactive for other populations and for other areas of the law needing reform. Cantil-Sakauye […]

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