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Spectrum Institute is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of California in 1987.  It has been designated by the IRS as a private operating foundation with 501c3 tax-exempt status.  The focus of the organization's research, education, and advocacy efforts has always been on securing justice and equal rights for a wide range of marginalized populations, including sexual minorities, single people, diverse families, and people with disabilities.  The goals of the organization have been achieved by conducting webinars, publishing commentaries, policy reports and newsletters, filing legal briefs in test cases, providing consulting services, and by making archives of historical records available to students, researchers, and equal rights advocates.

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Thomas F. Coleman / Executive and Legal Director
1717 E. Vista Chino A7-384, Palm Springs, CA 92262
tomcoleman@spectruminstitute.org  / (818) 230-5156