Our Team Keeps Growing

During the last few months we have witnessed a major influx of volunteers. We now have a team of 37 people supporting the projects and activities of Spectrum Institute.

There is a five-member board of trustees governing the organization.  Four volunteers work with the executive director to handle our research, technology, development, and outreach activities.  A website developer is in the process of creating a new website.

The Disability and Guardianship Project has two legal advisors who are periodically consulted.  It also has 12 advisors on an Attorney Fee Review Team.  The director of the Mental Health Project has 10 mental health advisors with whom she is sharing information and seeking advice about the project’s activities.  The organization also has four student interns. Three are developing a new podcast scheduled to premiere on May 1.  Another is helping to operationalize our recently created Mental Health Project. 

We have already started to receive applications from law students at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles who will have summer internships with us. The board of trustees is grateful for the assistance from such diverse group of individuals to help us promote conservatorship reform, mental health access, and disability rights.  We invite everyone who supports these goals to make a financial contribution to Spectrum Institute.  Although we are an organization of volunteers, we do need donations to help defray our basic operating expenses.  Since we are an IRS-approved 501c(3) nonprofit, donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. With warm regards and much appreciation,

Thomas F. Coleman
Executive Director
Spectrum Institute