Consequences of Violating the Right to Therapy

This series will explore the potential consequences of violating the right to mental health therapy – consequences to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and to those who are the gatekeepers to such services such as professional guardians and primary care physicians. Reports will also delve into the financial consequences that the deprivation of mental health therapy can have on state and local resources, such as extra burdens being placed on entitlement programs, law enforcement services, and judicial proceedings.

The series will be based on articles that have been produced by college interns working under the supervision of Tina Baldwin, director of the Mental Health Project and Thomas F. Coleman, legal director of Spectrum Institute and executive editor of Spectrum E-News. Advisors to the Mental Health Project have been consulted for their opinions and recommendations.

Emmi Deckard, an intern from UCLA, submitted an article on the consequences to individuals with developmental disabilities who are deprived of prompt and appropriate mental health treatment.  Kendall James, an intern from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, submitted an article on the legal consequences to conservators who willfully or negligently fail to secure such services for conservatees with developmental disabilities.

Donations Needed

Attorney Thomas F. Coleman will build on these articles to produce a more thorough Consequences Report which will be widely distributed to mental health professionals, fiduciaries, lawyers, and disability rights organizations when it is finished.  In order to provide the staffing necessary to complete the report, Spectrum Institute must raise $4,000 from donors.  If you would like to support this important work, you can make a donation by mail or through a credit card online.  Please advise us that your donation is earmarked for the Consequences Report.  To access the donation page on our website, click here.

Anyone who would like to share information on these topics should email Tina Baldwin
([email protected]) .