Mental Health Awareness Month

Spectrum Institute is pleased to participate in National Mental Health Awareness Month by placing a commemorative poster on the home page of our website and including the poster in our May newsletter.  May was first designated as a time to promote the importance of mental health in 1949 by an organization known as Mental Health America.  Other organizations, such as the American Hospital Association, National Council for Behavioral Health, and the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, are raising awareness this month of the importance of mental health care.  The County of San Diego has chosen “Hope for Change” at a theme this year for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Spectrum Institute considers mental health to be such an important matter for adults with developmental disabilities that we created our own Mental Health Project several months ago.  The project advocates for the civil right to mental health services for this special needs population.  For more information about the project and its activities, click here.