Podcast Episode #2 – The Domino Effect: My Life as an Advocate

This episode of the podcast series gives the audience a glimpse into the past of the Tom Coleman and takes a virtual walk down memory lane, reminiscing about life growing up in Ferndale, Michigan, his entry into law school in Detroit, and his move to Los Angeles where he began his lifetime role as a legal advocate at Loyola Law School.  The episode touches on a few phases of Tom’s advocacy for various causes — from his focus on LGBT rights and sexual civil liberties in the 1970s, to privacy rights, hate crimes, domestic partner benefits and recognition of family diversity in the 1980s, and then on to the rights of single people during the next two decades . . . with an unexpected adventure for a few years exposing injustices to troubled teenagers by an industry that abducted and confined them in private boot camps and boarding schools.  This era ended with the publication in 2009 of The Domino Effect, a book of Tom’s memoirs as an equal rights advocate.  To watch or listen, click here