Podcast Episode 4: Town Hall: Conservatorship Reform is Long Overdue

This episode of the podcast series focuses on a Zoom Town Hall where victims of the California conservatorship system shared their stories, local elected officials in Alameda County acknowledged the need for reform, and #FreeBritney activists discussed their movement to rid superstar Britney spears of the confines of conservatorship.  Most of the presentations involved the negative experiences that many seniors and their families have had with conservatorship proceedings.  Many of the complaints focused on the greed of attorneys and the complacency of judges.  Before offering several specific proposals to reform key parts of the conservatorship system, attorney Thomas F. Coleman, one of the organizers of the town hall, summarized the injustices experienced by six adults with developmental disabilities.  During this podcast episode, video clips from the town hall are played, along with commentaries by Coleman about the relevance of each clip to the goals of the conservatorship reform movement.

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