Zoom Webinar Will Explain New Law in California

It’s not just for lawyers.  The public may attend the webinar too.

Presentation: This one-hour presentation will explore the duties of attorneys as they fulfill the zealous advocacy requirements of  AB 1194, a conservatorship reform law that takes effect on January 1, 2022.  Participants also will receive a rundown of 10 potential legal and professional dangers of neglecting the duty of care, as well as an analysis of such issues as third-party standing to file motions, complaints, appeals and civil actions against attorneys who do not provide zealous advocacy to their clients and to the public entities that employ, appoint or fund them. A two-hour advanced webinar with additional details on implementing zealous advocate performance standards will be held in January 2022.

Materials. Attendees will receive a 47-page report https://disabilityandguardianship.org/zealous-advocacy-contents.pdf explaining various dimensions of zealous advocacy for attorneys who represent conservatees and proposed conservatees. (See table of contents.)  The report provides information on the legislative history of AB 1194, as well as  references to related statutes, professional rules, and citations to applicable case law.  It  includes a competent representation checklist to help attorneys deliver the type of zealous advocacy and defense that the law intends and to provide ADA-compliant services to clients with disabilities. Sections are written with risk managers and administrators in mind.

Presenter.  Thomas F. Coleman has been practicing law for 48 years.  (See curriculum vitae) He has written extensively on many dimensions of conservatorship reform and disability rights (See publications),  https://tomcoleman.us/publications.pdf including 31 commentaries in the Daily Journal legal newspaper. https://disabilityandguardianship.org/daily-journal-compendium.pdf He has participated in conservatorship cases at the trial and appellate levels, and helped develop the zealous advocacy and other right-to-counsel provisions incorporated into AB 1194.  Mr. Coleman is the executive and legal director of Spectrum Institute. (See website)

Zoom Webinar on Nov. 16 from Noon to 1:00 p.m.

For information on how to register, click here.

Zoom hosting is provided by Autism Society Inland Empire – Clara Garcia, Director of Programs

An application requesting MCLE credit for this activity is pending for approval by the California State Bar.