Podcast Episode 5: Dr. Sam Sugar: An Iconic Warrior for Guardianship Reform

Dr. Sam Sugar is the founder of a nonprofit education and advocacy organization known as Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship. Since 2013, Dr. Sugar and AAAPG have been in the national forefront of the guardianship reform movement, focusing the attention of the media and the public on the plight of victims of guardianship abuse. To listen to this 30-minute podcast and to access prior podcast episodes, click here.

Feature Story. Dr. Sugar is also the author of Guardianships and the Elderly: The Perfect Crime (Square One 2018). The book is described as a survival guide to understanding, dealing with, and avoiding the economic, physical, and psychological abuses of guardianships. To read a feature story about Dr. Sugar and his quest for justice for seniors and others who are
targeted by guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, click here. The story was written by Trinity Pierce, then a student intern for Spectrum Institute.