California Legislator Asked to Strengthen his Conservatorship Reform Bill

January 19, 2022

California Assembly Member Brian Maienschein issued a press release today announcing that he “has introduced AB 1663, The Probate Conservatorship Reform and Supported Decision-Making Act, to address the misuse, overuse, and exploitation of probate conservatorships in California.”

Spectrum Institute has written to Mr. Maienschein, commending him for sponsoring the bill but asking that it be amended to eliminate loopholes that judges, lawyers, and conservators may exploit to evade the bill’s intended protections for seniors and people with developmental disabilities who are targeted by conservatorship petitions. 

For a copy of his press release, click here.

For a copy of AB 1663, click here.

For a copy of Spectrum Institute’s letter, click here.

Suzanne Bennett Francisco gave a thumbs up on her social media to our proposed amendments to AB 1663.  Suzanne is co-chair of the Human Rights Committee at TASH, an international disability rights advocacy organization.  She is the CEO of Exceptional Rights Advocacy and formerly the co-director of The Supported Decision-Making Advocacy Project of Disability Voices United.