A Call for Guardianship Reform

We’re Here to Help is very well written. The book is both easy to read and well documented. The author provides readers with a snapshot of the national landscape by telling stories of celebrities and ordinary citizens alike who have been victimized in state guardianship proceedings.

The recurring message throughout the book is that no one is safe from the grip of guardianship. All it takes is an accident or unexpected illness. Any of us could be targeted by a guardianship petition by anyone at any time.

The book places the responsibility for this mess where it belongs: on the judges who run the state guardianship systems. State courts lack accountability – a necessary ingredient for justice.

The timing of the book’s publication is perfect. It coincides with the recent introduction of a bill (S. 1148) in the United States Senate by Senator Bob Casey, titled “Guardianship Bill of Rights Act.” The bill uses a “carrot and stick” approach which would provide incentives for major reforms to state guardianship systems.

When the bill is eventually called for a hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, author Diane Dimond should be called by Committee Chair Sen. Bernie Sanders as the first witness to testify, with We’re Here to Help introduced into evidence as Exhibit A.

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