Subject:                                         Inquiry regarding legal defense services in probate conservatorship proceedings


Dear Public Defender,


This inquiry is being sent to you in your capacity as the public defender or the contract public defender in your county. 


Our organization is conducting a statewide study of legal defense services in probate conservatorship proceedings.  We will share the results of our study with you when we issue our report to the governor, chief justice, and legislature later this year.


We would be pleased if you take just a few moments to hit the reply button and answer three quick questions:

  1. Does your office provide legal defense services to adults who are targeted by petitions and therefore become involuntary litigants in probate conservatorship proceedings?
  2. If so, please provide us with the name and email address of the attorney in your office who defends probate conservatees or proposed conservatees.
  3. If not, please let us know who does provide such legal defense services in your county.  Does the court appoint counsel to represent conservatees and proposed conservatees? 


Thank you in advance for your reply.  We will be sure to acknowledge your cooperation when we share the results of our study with your county’s board of supervisors.


Thomas F. Coleman

Legal Director

Spectrum Institute